Alexis Wright Naked Pics released SEXYorNOT?

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Sooo, if you recently viewed my other post on Alexis Wright  , then you already know she is the zumba whore. A lot of you are saying she did not hurt anyone, but that is not why she is in court. You dont see porn stars or even prostitutes going to court like this. The fact of the matter is she has been charged with invasion of privacy, so she recorded men without their knowledge. If you were a man being put on blast, you would be upset. Especially if you didn’t agree to a porno that you didn’t even know you were starring in.

Ok now to what you guys clicked this entry for. Her nasty pics. She loks nasty naked to me, but these pics came from a video of hers where she was sticking a popsicle up her coochie. gross! lol.. some of you may like this though

her getting ready for popsicle play

about to unwrap the popsicle

She actually puts the pop in her poontang

she then licks the pop


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