Malaysia Pargo’s TEETH

The website that I host with is the best. The reason being is because I can see what you searched for to get to my page. I have posted a few times on the basketball wives show and I tagged MALAYSIAS TEETH BEFORE AND AFTER. I have so many searches for that… sooooooo, I decided to snap a pic on the last episode. I used to like Malaysia a lot, but now I think she is trying to get in everyones business and is acting like the moderator. I think she needs to relax a bit. I also believe that if it wasn’t for Bambi, Malaysia would not still be talking to Jackie. When Malaysia was over Jackie, Bambi kind of messed with her mind by saying Jackie was cool. THAT TO ME IS FAKE. It reminded me of highschool when people didn’t like the uncool kids, but if one person in the cool group liked them, then it was ok! Anywho, here are her teeth


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Do you like them?

This was not the best pic I could take but you get the point if you guys have seen her on T.V already. She is very pretty, don’t get me wrong, but she has money to fix those teeth. Those are not her natural teeth to begin with, and I think she should have made the Dentist re-do what he messed up.

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