Purple DRANK

Nice color huh? Many shades of sizzurp

Alright, now this fad has been going on for a while now. It first originated in Houston TX, but its popular everywhere now. I would like to start off by saying that I have never tried it, but it does look pretty!

This drink is made out of Jolly Ranchers(yum), Sprite, and cough syrup.

One thing I dont know is why its always in a styrofoam cup

The cough syrup gives it that purple toned color. The first time I heard of this drink was when 3 6 mafia song “sippin on some sizzurp” came out. I was singing it, not knowing what I was even saying. I have always known it to be called sizzurp, but here are some other names for it.

  • Texas Tea
  • Purple jelly
  • purple drank
  • Lean
  • Syrup
  • Sizzurp
  • purp

I guess to some this might be a cool little fad, but I vote this is a BAD FAD if you really think about what ingredients you are consuming. It includes codeine and promethazine and if you have no idea what those are, EVEN WORSE!!!! I personally think that people are just doing it just to do it. Like seriously, what is the point of you drinking it out of two styrofoam cups? Ummm maybe because you saw someone else do it.. Why not a plastic or glass cup? lol. Why not red cough syrup or any other color? So many more reasons why this is a BAD FAD, but I do not want this entry to be too long. It is also a bit scarier that pimp c also died from this as well.

Rapper pimp C died from an accidental overdose of his little cough medicine concoction : /


You can let me know if you know some more name f0r this drink on my twitter @fadorbad and I will add it to the list and credit you. Thanks for reading guys-Air




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