“Trina the Natural” & Scorpio-Catfish Episode 2

This is the real guy.. scroll down for who she thought he was

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I have to start of by saying that this show is crazy! I have no idea whether or not to believe these stories are real or fake. Despite not knowing, these stories truly do happen in real life and it might open at least 1 persons mind about meeting someone online the unsafe way!

By the way… I get to see what some of you search on google before you come to my website so let me answer a few questions.


1. No… Lee and Trina are not together. She was being nice, and that is definitely not her type. She felt a connections so tried to be friends with him but they are not in a relationship. Last update was that they spoke/texted a couple of times a month

2. At the end of each show, Nev sets up a skype conference with the ‘victim’ and the real person the scammer was portraying, so the real SCORPIO ended up meeting Trina on skype and that is it. Scorpio sounded like a player and mentioned he was single but don’t forget… he lives in Atlanta and Trina is in D.C area.

3. Trina is 24 yrs old and Lee was 32 I believe with 4 kids.

4. you guys are asking if she has an STD. -___- How would I ever be able to answer that question?

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ohhhh k

As if the first episode wasn’t crazy enough, this second episode was about 2 strippers who fell in love. Trina and Scorpio were ‘dating’ for over a year and she was ok with only seeing 3 pictures of him. Please do not be so naive like Trina you guys! Have the person take a picture with your name on it or skype. If they give you excuse after excuse, you know its not real. To make a long story short, Scorpio was not really scorpio… His name was Lee, and he was a big chunky out of shape guy who says he knows scorpio. He seemed genuine and said he really fell in love with Trina, but was too scared to come out with the truth for the simple fact that he ‘knew’ she would not like him. Trina was dumb but sweet  because she allowed him to hold her hand and still wanted to have a friendship with him (I would have slapped him). I do feel bad for Trin though because she actually prayed to find someone just like her and I think the only reason why she went along with everything for that year was because she wanted it to be true.

she looked so innocent on the show, I forgot she was a stripper

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His stripper ad


They see me rollin

Model scorpio

Very different from the fake scorpio huh?

This is Larry… The real Scorpio

He has a record!!

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